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Topics: Desertification, Sahara, Africa Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Selah Murawski
1. What is the impact of water pollution and the unequal distribution of water on irrigation, trade, industry, and drinking water? Water pollution limits the amount of clean water that can be used for irrigation, trade, industry, and drinking water. Good water is needed for people to stay healthy and clean. So in this way, water pollution affects Africa. Also the unequal distribution affects these things, because when people have no water they can’t trade or irrigate. So, because of unequal distribution of water there is not enough drinking water in every area. 2. How do poor soil and deforestation distress Sub-Saharan Africa? Deforestation causes erosion which in turn causes poor soil farmers can’t use. When farmers have land with poor soil, they cut down more trees to clear land. This causes desertification to happen which means that people cannot get water, food, or maintain a healthy lifestyle. 3. What is the impact of desertification on the environment of Africa from the Sahel to the rainforest? Places where their used to be lush landscape, water, and food, there is now desert. People are starving, because resources they need and used to have are gone. Also they cannot plant anything there to get food from. Plus there is no water so they get dehydrated and cannot maintain sanitary lifestyles. In this way desertification has a bad impact on the environment of the Sahel to the rainforest. 4. How do the Sahara, Sahel, savanna, and tropical rain forest influence where people live, the type of work they do, and how they travel in Africa? The Sahara, Sahel, Savanna, and tropical rainforest impact where people live, how they travel, and the type of work they do because; In the Sahara and Sahel, people will probably live by the water so they can irrigate their crops, and would probably travel by foot through the desert. In the Savanna and Tropical Rainforest, you would most likely travel by foot. You would also probably be a woodsman, grow...
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