Advantage and Disadvantage or the Existence of Computers

Topics: Microsoft, Bullying, Verbal abuse Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: October 10, 2010
Science has invented many things. The triumphs of science are too many to be counted. Some of the latest triumphs of science are really wonderful. They are quite remarkable discoveries. It has made our life easier by the computer a few years ago. It is considered as the brains of the human beings. It has opened up new vistas. These can make any number of calculations, modes of particulars hypothetical situations can be produced & studied.

In business, businessmen can simply deal through internet with their client regarding quantity and quality of the materials they require and can satisfy their clients. They can also give advertisement of their company through internet to attract more customers towards it. In schools, children are given knowledge about softwares of computer like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and for small kids games are available in PCs for their refreshment. Through computers, we can easily chat or give tenders, graphics to the person living in other parts of the world. We can also do e-commerce through computer by booking for the product & delivery is done at home. We can also come to know about new products and their prices through pc. Now, a days all the designers shows their talent of design through websites. We can also send picture on any topic to the person living in other parts of the world via email. We can now book railway tickets and airplane tickets with the help of internet. Thus it helps us to save time because initially people had to stand in long queues for booking which used to consume much time. Now, a days all the queries are solved with the help of video conferencing & tele conferencing. In computer we have to only feed the data and it gives us the accurate result in a time not less than a second.

It has certain disadvantages too. It has created the problem of unemployment. Initially people use to keep accountant for keeping their records of their business but with the invention of accounting softwares, need of...
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