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1. Objective Questions:

Q1.A laser printer uses
a) Raster scan b) Camera lens
c) Heat sensitive paperd) None of these

Q2.A Plotter is
a) An input device to produce good quality graphics
b) An output device to produce drawings and graphics
c) A fast output device using camera lenses
d) None of these

Q3.Main memory stores
a) Data only
b) Program only
c) Data, Program and result or any other kind of information d) None of these
Q4.A smart terminal is one which
a) Looks very attractive
b) Has inbuilt processing capability
c) Must convert input on CRT screen
d) None of these

Q5.In a hard disk, the 0 track is
a) The outermostb) The innermost
c) Totally machine dependent c) None of these

Q6.A CD-ROM is
a) An optical ROMb) A magnetic ROM
c) An erasable ROMc) None of these

Q7.Software designed for a specific purpose is called as
a) System softwareb) Compiler
c) Specific softwared) Application software

Q8.One of the is not an output device
a) Plotter b) Printer
c) MICRd) Smart and intelligent terminal

Q9.A floppy disk translator is best describe as
a) Tracks b) Sectors
c) Track and Sectors c) Heads and Sectors

Q10.Optical storage technique is used
a) Floppy disk drive b) Hard disk drive
c) Magnetic disk drived) CD-ROM drive

Q11.The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are
a) Syntax errorb) Semantic error
c) Logical errors d) None of these

Q12.ASCII stands for
a) American standard code for information interchange
b) American statisical code for information interchange c) Alphabetic series code for information interchange
d) Alphabetic standard code for information interchange

Q13.Multiple choice examination answer sheets can be evolution automatically by
a) OMRb) OCR
c) MICRd) Scanner

Q14.Operating system is
a) a collection of hardware
b) a collection of input-output device
c) a collection of software routines
d) None of these

Q15.CPU reads the information from secondary memory
a) Directly
b) First, information is transferred to main memory and from there, the CPU reads c) Through register
d) None of these

Q16.The topmost bar in any application windows is the ________. It displays the name if the document or application. a) Menu Barb) Tool Bar
c) Status Bard0 Title Bar

Q17.The ATTRIB command will
a) Set or remove the read-only, archive, system, and hidden attributes. b) Instruct DOS to route disk drive references from one disk drive to another. c) Define the data file search path that DOS will use each time it fail to locate a file in the current directory. d) None of the above

Q18.The purpose of the MOVE command is to
a) move one or more files to location you specify
b) rename directories
c) both (a) and (b)
d) none of the above

Q19.An application can be opened through shortcut on desktop by a) Double clicking on its shortcut
b) Right clicking and choosing “Open” option
c) Selecting the icons and pressing Enter key
d) All of the above

Q20.One of the following statements of internal commands in DOS is not true. a) Internal commands are those that have been built into MS-DOS b) At the time of booting, Internal commands are automatically loaded into memory c) Internal commands are executed instantly without referring the disk.

Q21.Supercomputer is primarily useful for
a) Input- Output intensive processing
b) Mathematical intensive scientific application
c) None of these

Q22.You specify the save details of your file in the
a) Save As … dialogue box
b) Save the File As…. Dialogue box
c) File Saved dialogue box
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