4.02 Guatemala – Práctica

Topics: Family, Mayan languages, Easter Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: August 21, 2013
4.02 Guatemala – Práctica

A.  Answer the following questions.  These answers can be found in the video.

1. Describe the life of Cesar and his family.
- He has two older sisters a mother and grandmother.   One sister is a substitute; the other is in college but only goes on Saturday. Their mother is a pharmacist and Cesar wants to be an electrician. They speak Spanish and there native Mayan Indian language.

2. Why is the market so important in their city?
- The market is important because it always has food and gives people money, jobs, and helps bring tourist.

3. What is the major craft of Guatemala?
-The major craft in Guatemala are things like pottery, sewing and embroidering. 4. What type of school does Cesar attend?  What are the courses offered there? - He attends a school that’s helps with what you would need to know to get a job. They offer courses to help you get a job to be an electrician, sew and farm.

5. How does Cesar generally spend his time outside of school? -When Cesar is not in school he likes to ride his bike or read and help around the house or even visit his grandmother and pick fruit.

6. What foods do he and his family eat a lot of?
- He and his family eat a lot of black beans and tortillas.

7. Describe what they do to prepare for Carnival in their city? -To prepare for a carnival they decorate egg shells.
B.     Where I live it is always pretty humid but rains every now and then, in Chichicastenango it is fry for a while then rains a lot on a row. Where I live we have lots of electricity and running water. Where Cesar lives there is not much electricity only about two light bulbs per house, unless you have the money to pay for more. Where I live we celebrate Easter like in Chichicastenango but we do not usually break egg shells on people’s heads. My goals are different because I would like to travel the world one day and he wants to be an electrician. I think our lifestyles are very different because of our...
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