Week 1 Assignment

Topics: Optical fiber, Quadrature amplitude modulation, Modulation Pages: 4 (1130 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Please answer the following questions, you can upload your answers in a MS Word file, or Word file. Answer all the questions, and upload the answers back before Sunday March 31, 2013 (before 11: 55 pm): 1.Differentiate between guided media and unguided media

2.What are three important characteristics of a periodic signal 3.Define funamental frequency
4.What is attenuation?
5.Describe the components of optical fiber cable.
6.Indicate some significant differences between broadcast radio and microwave. 7.What is the difference between diffraction and scattering? 8.List and briefly define important factors that can be used in evaluating or comparing the various digitial-to-digital encoding techniques. 9.What function doeas a modem perform?

10.What is QAM?

Differentiate between guided media and unguided media
Guide media is that where we use any path for communication like cables (coaxial, fiber optic, twisted pair) etc. Unguided media is also called wireless where not any physical path is used for transmission.

What are three important characteristics of a periodic signal? Period (or frequency), amplitude and phase. All periodic signals can be broken down into other signals... most commonly sine/cosine waves, but there are others too. These components will each have their own frequency, amplitude and phase that combine into the original signal.

The strange part of the question is the phase. A signal on its own does not have a phase unless you provide some reference signal to compare it to. Generally, this comparison signal is implied by the context of your particular situation. When you decompose a periodic signal into components, however, it is almost always implied that the phase of each component is in reference to the fundamental component (So the fundamental has phase 0, while the others have phases referenced to that). This is done specifically so that each component will combine to create the original signal.

Define fundamental frequency....
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