Reactive Attachment Disorder

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Reactive Attachment Disorder

Defined Reactive Attachment Disorder can be defined as a rare condition where infants and children lack the healthy bond with parents and/or caregivers. This lack of developmentally appropriate social responses may permanently alter the child's developing brain, and result in a lifelong condition.

History- Rene Spitz noticed when children are in orphanages their debilitating mental condition. The children seemed unresponsive to interaction and often cried softly throughout the day. Rene concluded that a child needs more than just physical needs as an infant to feed their emotional development calling this “anaclitic depression”. John Bowlby a psychoanalyst and the father of “attachment theory” emphasized the importance of parental sensitivity in proper child development.

Symptoms You can begin to notice symptoms by the child's 5th birthday, with not real emotional attachment. The child may seem depressed, with contributing factors

feeding difficulties
failure to gain weight
detached and unresponsive behavior
difficulty being comforted
preoccupied and/or defiant behavior
inhibition or hesitancy in social interactions
disinhibition or inappropriate familiarity or closeness with strangers.

Inhibition Symptoms

Disinhibition symptoms

Symptoms as a infant when their just a baby their movement can signify RAD. A careless attitude such as no interest to people or toys, engaged in self soothing a almost independent aspect. With no interest when people attempt to reach out to them.

Case study Rebecca Age 6 had a exhausting childhood with frequent changes to her primary caregiver’s. When she was 2 her parents divorced, and the father gained full custody while the mother was overseas in the military. She stayed with her father for 8 months in a unhealthy environment, resulted in legal issues and Rebecca staying with her grandparents. Although her physical development was on track her social...
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