Program Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation in Health Promotion

Topics: Critical thinking, Scientific method, Logic Pages: 4 (917 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Program Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation in Health Promotion Coursework on Program Logic (20 points), Program Leadership (80 points) Consultation

The following two forms of consultation are based on your involvement in an actual employment situation, volunteer situation, or new topic of choice

Your consultation should demonstrate an advanced understanding of program logic, technical operations, and program leadership in the health education field. Cite required or recommended texts for this course, or other recognized resources to support your analysis and recommendations.

Your consultation should also demonstrate an advanced understanding of the professional literature describing your particular type of programming. Cite relevant professional literature describing this particular type of programming.

We will discuss each of the consultations during the class session identified in the syllabus. Please bring draft documents to class for your group discussions final drafts are due in the D2L drop box by the following final your groups final presentation.

Consultation on Program Logic (20 points)

The “empty vessel” fallacy found in too many program efforts is based on the program logic that if we fill up their empty heads with what they do not know, they will do what will make them healthier. This simple logic may work at times, but far more often program logic requires a better understanding of the diverse occurrence of physical environments, social environments, and human behaviors. This is what makes consultation on program logic valuable and important.

Prepare to provide consultation on program logic by performing the following tasks:

If you use an analysis of an evolving plan or ongoing program operations include the following 1.Name and describe the theories and/or models that are espoused by your clients 2.Analyze the effort relative to the espoused theories and/or models 3.What parts of a model or theory seem to be...
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