Parts of Computer

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Concept of a Computer System

The Computer System Concept.
A computer is more than a high-powered collection of electronic devices performing a variety of information processing chores. A computer is a system, an interrelated combination of components that performs the basic system functions of input, processing, output, storage, and control, thus providing end users with a powerful information processing tool. Understanding the computer as a computer system is vital to the effective use and management of computers. A computer is system of hardware devices organized according to the following system functions. Input. The input devices of a computer system include keyboards, touch screens, pens, electronic mice, optical scanners, and so on. Processing. The central processing unit( CPU) is the main processing component of a computer system. (In microcomputers, it is the main microprocessor.) In particular, the electronic circuits of the arithmetic-logic unit one of the CPU’s major components, perform the arithmetic and logic functions required in computer processing. Output. The output devices of a computer system include video display units, printers, audio response units , and so on, They convert electronic information produced by the computer system into human intelligible form for presentation to end users. Storage. The storage function of a computer system takes place in the storage circuits of the computer’s primary storage unit, or memory, and in secondary storage devices such as magnetic disk and tape units. These devices store data and program instructions needed for processing. Control. The control unit of the CPU is the control component of a computer system. Its circuits interpret computer program instructions and transmit directions to the other components of...
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