Microsoft Environment Analysis

Topics: Denial-of-service attack, Computer software, Sun Microsystems Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: March 6, 2014
Unit 01 Assignment 02
Richman Investments
For Internal Use Only; No Redistribution

Please read carefully the terms and condition set forth for the acceptable use of computer software and hardware within the entity Richman Investments. This constitutes the appropriate use of internal intranet, internet, and email. By agreeing to use the software and hardware within Richman Investments, you will have agree to the terms set forth. 1. User Domain/Workstation Domains

All user must comply with company policy on strong complex passwords •NO user is to be allowed to use non-encrypted USB drives to transfer and carry company proprietary information •NO user is to be allowed to use non-approve CD multimedia to run on assigned workstations. •The acceptable use of personal software on company equipment is forbidden •Only IT approved technicians are allowed to work on company equipment These policies are set in place to prevent and minimize the risks with user’s workstation software vulnerability to allow a hacker to remotely connect and steal data. This also is set in place so that internal threats such as employee theft of proprietary information is minimized. 2. WAN Domain/Remote Access Domain

All users must maintained and regularly update their FTP credentials •Websites that are not approved for work should not be visited •VPN tunneling should be appropriately configure to minimize outside threat potentials (ports securely monitored) The Wide Area Network consists of the internet and the VoIP lines and these policies need to be implemented to prevent anonymously uploaded illegal software or virus threats. The server may encounter DOS or DDOS attacks and could possible shut down the company site. The boundaries between the trusted and un-trusted zones need to be filtered with a firewall to hackers cannot penetrate the infrastructure 3. System/Application/Storage Domain

Proper programming of SQL databases to prevent SQL Injection •Email and database...
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