Instructional Materials in Computer Science

Topics: Computer, Computer data storage, Personal computer Pages: 98 (29882 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Republic of the Philippines
Echague, Isabela



Wendell M. Castillo

Second Semester SY 2012-2013

1. Internalization of the ISU Vision, Mission, IICT Goals and Objectives| | I. BASIC CONCEPT OF COMPUTER * What is Computer? * Characteristics of Computer * History of Computer * Computer Generations * Types of Computer * Parts of the Computer| | II. COMPUTER ORGANIZATION * Basic Computer Operations * Functional Units * Memory System in a Computer * Secondary Storage * Input/ Output Devices| | III. THE BASIC COMPONENTS OF A COMPUTER SYSTEM A. Hardware Concepts Types of Hardware * Categories of Hardware B. Software ConceptsTypes of Software * Systems Software * Application Software * Computer Viruses C. Peopleware| | VI.NETWORKING CONCEPTS8.1 Computer Network8.2 Network Topology8.3 Internet| | VII.THE MICROSOFT WORD FOR WINDOWS * GUIDELINES ON THE USE OF THE COMPUTER LABORATORY * MSWord as a Word Processing Program * Starting and Existing MSWord * The MSWord Screen Features * Microsoft Word Views * Using the Word Toolbars * Zooming In and Out of a Document * Making Corrections to a Document Using Copy, Paste, Cut and Move Text * Using the Office Clipboard * Editing, Saving, Retrieving and Printing Documents| | VIII. MANAGING FILES * Creating a document * Use the Web Page Preview * Manage a Folder * Locate and Open an Existing Document * Create a hyperlink * Use the Office Assistant * Send a Word Document via E-Mail| | IX. WORKING WITH TEXTS * Format the font * Highlight the text * Use the Undo, Redo * Use the format pointer * Use the spelling and grammar features * Use the find and replace text commands * Insert the date and time * Create the apply frequently used texts * Use the Thesaurus features| | X.WORKING WITH PARAGRAPHS AND DOCUMENTS * Format Paragraphs * Use Tabs * Apply Borders and Shading * Add Bullets and Numbering * Formatting Features * Insert and Modify a Header and Footer * Use a Page Preview * Prepare and Print on Envelop and Label * Create a Watermark| | XI.WORKING WITH TABLES, DRAWING AND WORKING WITH OBJECTS, COLLABORATING WORKGROUPS * Create Tables * Add Borders and Shading to the Tables * Revise Tables * Modify table structures * Drawing and Format on Auto shape * Draw, Format and Transform a Shape * Insert and Modify a WordArt * Generate and Set-up a Chart and an Organizational Chart * Use Comment in a Document * Compare and Merge Document| | XII. AN INTRODUCTION TO INTERNET A. Understanding the Internet B. Getting Connected C. The Electronic Mail (E-Mail) * Checking and Reading E-mail * Creating and Replying to E-mail messages * Attaching Files to E-mails| |

Chapter 1

“Information Technology makes many things possible but it is only education that makes things happen.” -Bill Gates



At the end of the chapter, the student should be able to:

* Define Computer
* Distinguish computer from human beings and calculator * Identify Characteristics of Computer
* Identify capabilities and limitations of computers
* Determine the evolution of Computer through five generations * Identify the parts and classification of the computers


An accountant, a novelist, an engineer and a business executive have something in common: they all use computers to provide, store and process data to help do their job or run their company more effectively.

To add in analyzing client’s taxes,...
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