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Introduction to PT and Patient Care

Bed Positions and Draping

OBJECTIVES 1. To enumerate the different types of Bed positions 2. To be able to describe and demonstrate the different bed positions 3. To discuss the functions of different bed positions 4. To be able to define draping 5. The students must be able to discuss the concepts and principles of draping 6. To demonstrate the proper way of draping a patient

Proper Body Mechanics - Efficient , coordinated and safe
use of the body to produce motion and to maintain balance during activity ; reduces fatigue and the risks of injury

THREE Basic Elements: 1. Body alignment /posture 2. Balance or stability -

a stable posture in which one's body weight is well balanced

3. Coordinated movement

Lifting • lift client as close as possible to the body’s COG

• pull client rather than pushing, enlarge the base of support by either moving the rear leg back if facing the obj or moving the front foot forward if facing away from the obj.

Pushing • enlarge the base of support by moving the front foot forward


body is turned in a way that avoids twisting of the spine; place one foot forward, put body wt. On the balls of the feet and turned about 90 in the desired direction , then the foot ahead of the other will now be placed behind.

POSITIONING THE CLIENT - Any position correct or incorrect can be detrimental if maintained for a prolonged period of time, position of choice for client who have difficulty breathing / with heart problem

BASIC BED POSITIONS • Supine position – patient lies on his back • Side lying – patient lies on one side • Prone – patient lies on his stomach

 Supportive aids
• Used when positioning pts. In order to keep body in correct alignment, provide support to the body parts & restrict movements of certain parts • Pillows, sandbags, handrolls, foot boards, trochanter roll

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