Disadvantage of Computer

Topics: Computer, Computer monitor, Real life Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: July 6, 2014
The 20th century witnessed utmost usable invention of computers. The invention of the wonder machine was considered a heavy leap in the history of our civilization. As technology advanced, so were the computers trained to program according to the needs of its users. A sensational endeavor, its launch gifted mankind an encyclopedia of wisdom which facilitated the re-brushing of our long forgotten hooks on history and today it stands as the epitome of fulfilling man’s never ending desires. E-commerce, e-banking, e-books, and what not! Nowhere in his wildest dreams would Zuse who invented the first freely programmable computer, would have imagined his invention to go this long a way to grab an entire nation’s attention. The reigning glory as much as it is to be marveled at, however, came furnished with quite a few banes. Reduce One’s Outlook

A prolonged usage of computers decimates your sense of conceiving knowledge to that obtainable within a computer frame. This calls for less participation in real life activities while you start perceiving everything as artificial. Man gets labeled as cynical and introverted. One is drained off his conceptions as he materializes himself to be auctioned. His life remains held on a string in a world, somewhere between the real and the unreal. The Addictive Syndrome

Addiction demands a total resignation to forces that command your thoughts and actions. Ever since the universe saw its first light, man was considered the supreme force and every matter revolved around him. Today, man who called himself unbeatable has laid his weapons in defeat to a machine! He, who was the most powerful, is now a slave to some lifeless machinated box. As the situation deems to be pathetic, it’s interesting how irony has played its wits on humans. Laziness- The Pied Wiper

Sitting for several hours in front of a PC suggest laziness. Being lazy reduces one to everything short of self respect. It wipes away the gentleman in you and people begin to spot...
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