Computer Science Chapter 1

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Chapter One
Why computers matter to you

Why should you become computer literate?
* Computer literate: being familiar enough with computers that you understand their capabilities and limitations, and you know how to use them * Benefits
* Become a knowledgeable consumer
* Computer literate employees are sought after
* Can take advantage of future technology

Becoming a savvy computer user and consumer
What Does it Mean?
* Avoid hackers and viruses
* Protecting your privacy
* Understand the real risks
* Able to separate the real privacy and security risks from things you don’t have to worry about * Using the internet and web wisely
* Avoid online annoyances
* Being able to maintain, upgrade, and troubleshoot your computer * Being literate means knowing which technologies are on the horizon and how to integrate them into your home when possible

Being prepared for your career
* Information technology (IT): is a field of study focuses on managing and processing info and the automatic retrieval of info including; computers, telecommunications, and software * In 2030 computers will displace 60% of human employees

Computers in todays careers
Retail: Working in a Data Mine
* Data mining: the process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a pattern * Opens the door to more detail
* Allows retailers to respond to consumer patterns
* Allows you to keep track of the purchase consumers are making, and their geographic data, past buying history and lists of items they examined but didn’t purchase Business: Data on the Go
* Maxicode: specifically designed, scannable sticker that resembles and inkblot and contains all the important info about the package * Bluetooth technology: a type of wireless communication to transmit scanned data through radio waves to a terminal * UPS enables customers to track their purchases, and can make informed decisions about staffing and...
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