Computer Applications Technology P2

Topics: Hard disk drive, Internet, Wireless access point Pages: 10 (2022 words) Published: July 29, 2013
1.1E 9 (1)2.1C 9 (1)
1.2C 9 (1)2.2D 9 (1)
1.3N 9 (1)2.3A 9 (1)
1.4R 9 (1)2.4C 9 (1)
1.5B 9 (1)2.5A 9 (1)
1.6P 9 (1)2.6D 9 (1)
1.7A 9 (1)2.7B 9 (1)
1.8L 9 (1)2.8B 9 (1)
1.9M 9 (1)2.9C 9 (1)
1.10 I 9 (1)2.10A 9 (1)

3.1It provides more USB ports 9 1

(Also accept: Can insert more USB devices or provide more accessible USB ports) 1

3.2 • The RAM/Memory 9 1
• CPU/Processor 9 1

(Accept: Motherboard) 2

3.3Provides stable power for a limited period 9 1
to keep computer running for a period of time after a power failure 9 1 OR
A UPS is used to smooth the power limiting 'brown-outs', i.e. dips or spikes

(Also accept: To give time to shut down the computer)
(Also accept: To provide protection against power surges) 2 does all the processing on the computer 9 1

3.4.2The CPUs must be compatible 9/fit on the motherboard12 and seeing another person over the Internet 9/video 1 conferencing

(Also accept: Skyping)

Live coverage of a place, e.g. surveillance at the charity shop 9 1

3.5.2Speakers or earphones

(Also accept: Headset)
9 (Any one)1

3.5.3VoIP OR Internet telephony (Accept: Skype, etc.)
9 (Any one)14

3.6 • Scanning/Copying
• E-mailing
• Converting to PDF
• Faxing

(Do not accept printing as an answer)
9 9 (Any two)22
3.7 • Printing carbon copies
• Printing using continuous paper
9 (Any one)11
3.8 • Make greater use of electronic copies/communication
• Proofread documents on-screen before printing
• File hard copies
• Use a photocopier for multiple copies, etc.
9 9 (Any two)22 photograph is made up of pixels 9 (picture cells/1 elements).
The higher the number of pixels, the better the quality/resolution of the photograph. 9 1

3.9.2The camera is set to a high resolution, resulting in the photographs taking up a lot of space on the card. 9 1
Reduce the resolution/use a compressed picture format (JPEG, etc.). 9 1

3.9.3 • Via USB cable
• Wirelessly (Bluetooth or Infrared)
• Placing the memory card into a card reader attached to the computer
9 9 (Any two)26

3.10The external hard drive 9 because1
neither of the other two will be big enough to save all the files 9 12

3.11 • LCD screens use much less power
• Contains fewer materials hazardous to the environment
9 (Any one)11



4.1 • Not enough RAM
• Not enough hard-drive space
• CPU too slow, etc.

(Accept any other correct answer)
9 9 (Any two)22
4.2Customise the program to suit her needs 9 1

(Accept: Has access to the source code in open-source software and no access in the code of proprietary software) • A problem is preventing your computer from starting normally.
• Computer could not shut down correctly (e.g. power failure.) 9 (Any one)1

4.3.2Safe mode starts your computer in a limited state/with only basic files and drivers necessary to start up 9 in order to1 fix/diagnose a problem. 9 13

4.4Operating system software allows you to manage the computer. 9 1 You need other programs to perform tasks. 9 1
Any suitable example such as word processing, spreadsheets,
accounting and games, etc. 9 13 may have private or confidential content 9 1
OR preventing others from accessing her files

4.5.2 • At least 8 characters/the longer the better
• Use a combination of characters, letters and numbers
• Never use easily identifiable information (ID or telephone numbers, or pets' names, etc.)
• Use a mixture of upper case and lower case letters, etc.

(Do not accept: Changing passwords frequently)
9 9 (Any two)23 viruses are developed on a regular basis. 9 1
Updates will allow the antivirus program to recognise them. 9 1

4.6.2The virus is isolated 9 on/sent to a separate area/part of the1 hard disk from where it cannot infect the other files. 9 1

(Also accept: If virus cannot be removed, for one mark)...
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