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General Computer Questions

General Computer Question 1: What is a computer?

Answer:   A common, somewhat simplified, definition is that the computer is an electronic device that can be used to  process information. Today, computers are not only used for calculations, but also for creating and manipulating text and pictures. They are used to design bridges and spacecraft, to record a company's sales and to keep track of customers, to create a school newspaper, or to estimate the cost of a new school. An illustration of a basic computer system is below.

 A Basic Computer System.


General Computer Question 2: How do we use computers?

Answer:    During the past few decades, computers and electronic technologies have been incorporated into almost every aspect of society. They now play a role in how we learn, how we take care of our money, and how we are entertained. Today, there is probably no better indication of how advanced a society is than how computerized it is. In our society, computers are now a fundamental component of our jobs, our schools, our stores, our means of transportation, and our health care. [pic]

General Computer Question 3: How are computers used in Banking and Finance?

Answer:    Computers have become an indispensable tool in the handling of money and finances. Computerized ATM machines and credit card machines are now familiar throughout the United States and in many other countries in the world. Although they have only been in existence for a short while, many of us now take them for granted and expect our bank to provide these computerized services whenever and wherever we need them. Many do not realize that these machines are part of the huge electronic network that has been put in place in the banking and financial services industries. The ATM machines and the credit card machines provide our  interface with the bank's computers. [pic]

General Computer Question 4: How are computers used in Education?

Answer:   Today, computers can be found in every school. From kindergarten to graduate school, the computer is being used for learning, for record keeping, and for research. A variety of  computer-assisted instruction ( CAI) programs are now being used to facilitate the learning of nearly every educational topic. Multimedia-based learning systems can deliver information to students in the form of sound and video in addition to text and pictures. Using these new tools, students can gain control over their own learning as the computer delivers the instruction at the student's desired pace, monitors their progress, and provides instantaneous feedback. [pic]

General Computer Question 6: How are computers used in  Business?

Answer:   Business was one of the first areas to incorporate the computer. Because of its powerful capability to store and retrieve vast amounts of information, computers are now a vital component of almost every type of business. They are used to record sales, maintain information about inventories, maintain payroll records, and generate paychecks. Business workers now use computers to keep track of meetings, write letters and memos, create charts and presentation graphics, create newsletters, and examine trends. .


General Computer Question 7: How are computers used in  Entertainment and Recreation?

Answer:   Computers can be found throughout the entertainment industry. They are behind much of the glitz and excitement that we encounter every time we turn on the television, attend a professional basketball game, or risk our money in the slot machines of Las Vegas. In the motion picture industry, the time required to create animation has been greatly reduced through the use of computers and special graphics software. The movie industry also uses computers routinely for a variety of special effects and specialized computer programs have even made it possible to "colorize" old black-and-white films. [pic]

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