Chapter 4

Topics: Website, World Wide Web, Visitor Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: August 21, 2013
1. List at least five reasons why people visit Web sites.
Learn about products or services that the company offers •Buying products or services that the company offers
Obtaining information about warranty, service, or repair policies for products purchased •Obtaining general company or organization information
Obtaining financial information for making an investment in the compnay or organization •Identifying the people that manage the organization
Obtaining contact information for a person or department in the organization 2. What are the guidelines that must be followed by Web designers when creating a Web site that is intended to meet the specific needs of customers? •Design the site around how visitors will navigate the links, not based on company's organization structure •Allow visitors to access information quickly

Avoid using inflated marketing statements in product or service descriptions •Avoid using business jargon and terms the user may not understand •Build the site to work for visitors who are using the oldest browser software on the oldest computer connected through the lowest bandwidth connection--even if this means creating multiple versions of webpages •Be consistent in the use of design features

Make sure the navigation controls are clearly labeled or otherwise recognizable •Test text visually on smaller monitors
Check to make sure that color combinations do not impair viewing clarity for color-blind visitors •Conduct usability tests by having potential site users navigate through several versions of the site.

3. List five goals that businesses should meet when constructing a Web site, so that it successfully conveys an integrated image and offers information to potential customers. •Offer easily accessible information about hte organization •Allow visitors to experince the site in different ways / at different levels •Provide vistors with a meaningful two-way (interactive) communication link with the...
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