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Lending Decisions
Lending environment; decision making and organisation of lending, lending policies and controls; behavioural aspects of decision making and decision makers; retail, commercial and corporate lending; business expansions; off balance sheet lending; loan management and problem loans. Mode of delivery:| On-campus|

Workload:| ON-CAMPUS: This is a six credit point unit with three hours class contact per week over 12 teaching weeks. The total time commitment expected for this unit is 156 hours. In order to meet the faculty’s expectation, students should plan to spend on average nine hours in self-directed study, in addition to the three hours of class contact, each week.| Unit relationships:| Prerequisites: One of AFF2401 or AFW2401 Prohibitions: AFW3841 | Chief examiner:| Dr. Jean-Pierre Fenech|

Unit coordinator:| Dr. Jean-Pierre Fenech|
Campus:| Caulfield|
Phone:| 03 9903 2140|
Office hours:| |
Campus coordinator:| |
Campus:| |
Phone:| |
Email:| |
Office hours:| |
Tutor(s):| To be advised|
Campus:| |
Phone:| |
Email:| |
Consultation hours:| |

Learning objectives
1. examine the major types of lending products and match these products to customer needs 2. analyse the risk return characteristics and pricing of a loan application 3. discuss the behavioural aspects associated with lending decisions 4. apply statistical techniques used in decision making at the approval, monitoring and termination stages of lending 5. apply critical thinking, problem solving and presentation skills to individual and /or group activities dealing with lending decisions.

Graduate attributes
Monash prepares its graduates to be:
1. responsible and effective global citizens who:
a) engage in an internationalised world
b) exhibit cross-cultural competence
c) demonstrate ethical values
2. critical and creative scholars who:
a) produce innovative solutions to problems
b) apply research skills to a range of challenges
c) communicate perceptively and effectively

Assessment summary

Assessment Task 1: assignment(Group of 4 students)| 21st September 2012| 20%| Assessment Task 2: Class presentations. Look up the class allocation folder to check when your presentation is due. | Continuous| 10%| Final Examination | Official Examination Period| 70%|

TOTAL| 100%|

Hurdle requirement
A student’s final mark will be the sum of the marks gained in all assessment tasks, except that to pass this unit a student must achieve at least 50% in the final examination. Where a student fails the unit solely because of failure to satisfy the hurdle requirement, the final mark for the unit will be 48%. Second marking

Where an assessment task is given a fail grade by an examiner, that piece of work will be marked again by a second examiner who will independently evaluate the work, and consult with the first marker. No student will be awarded a fail grade for an assessment task or unit without a second examiner confirming the result. Note: Exceptions to this are individual pieces of assessment contributing 10% or less of the final mark, unless the total of such pieces exceeds 30% of the final mark. Return of final marks for the unit

Faculty policy states that ‘the final mark that a student receives for a unit will be determined by the Board of Examiners on the recommendation of the Chief Examiner taking into account all aspects of assessment’. The final mark for this unit will be released by the Board of Examiners on the date nominated in the Faculty Calendar. Student results will be accessible through the portal. Exam viewing

Feedback on student performance in examinations and other end-of-semester assessment is required, in accordance with...
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